here is some stuff that is not finished.

please do not judge

look at this map that does nothing aside from tell you building heights. it is a dumb placeholder for a much cooler map that you can use to make noise, but that has to be launched by others. so sit tight...

look at this craigslist map that i'm testing out. the zone polygons come from John Nelson at UX blog

click on a zone and it will take you directly to that craigslist site, where you can start an agonizing search for housing or buy a used motorcycle or find a date for the night or peruse dream yachts for sale or find a job or pine for a missed connection or otherwise do whatever else it is you might do on craigslist

and now look at this snazzy map that i made using crash data from NYPD Crash Data Band-Aid. (thanks, @recessionporn, for doing what the NYPD hasn't. you are awesome.)

it shows automobile collisions involving pedestrians or bicyclists in relation to quarter-mile zones around all the schools in NYC. crashes are plotted on intersections. each dot represents a collision from January 2011 to October 2013 in which a pedestrian or cyclist was injured or killed by a vehicle. deaths are represented by red circles. proposed zones around schools are represented in blue.

i promise i will put in some labels and interactive stuff. just not now. i have to go to another place of work.